Davao Story

How well do you know about Philippines? The capitol city, Manila? The queen city of the south, Cebu?

Have you heard of the city, Davao which is the biggest city in Mindanao located at the Southern part of the Philippine island? Mindanao, which you might have often heard or read in the news.

How about Davao? The safest city, which produced the president of the Philippines!

That is, you are going to have a totally different experience here in Davao from what you have thought about Mindanao.

Davao has the largest land area in the country with a population of 3 million making it the fourth most-populous city in the Philippines. No-Smoking Policy, 30-km Speed Limit in City Center, and the same 911 service as America’s and Canada’, You can experience quality and safe living conditions everywhere in Davao.

Davao holds ranks number 5 after Osaka, Seoul and Singapore in the recent data released by crowd-sourcing survey site Numbeo.com. Not only referring to the cities in the Philippines, but also in the entire world, there’s no other city as safe as Davao.

Hidden paradise of the south, Samal Island and Pearl Farm Beach Resort! With tropical weather without any typhoon, people can enjoy interesting water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing and a lot more in the crystal clear emerald sea.

This is what you are really going to experience here in DAVAO!

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