General Regulation
  • This regulation accomplishes its purpose in establishing clear-cut lines of students’ rights and duties and E&G Language Center (hereinafter referred as LANGUAGE CENTER)’s authorities and responsibilities for the smooth management of academic and dormitory affairs.
  • If needed, LANGUAGE CENTER has the authority to revise this regulation, and the revision will take effect once the notice is posted.
  • LANGUAGE CENTER exerts every effort to provide a quality English education and living convenience to students during their stay.
  • In case of the students’ infractions of this regulation (either intentionally or negligently), students take the full responsibility for any disadvantages, punishments, injuries or damages they may experience.
  • Once the students’ stay start, LANGUAGE CENTER’s duties and responsibilities commence, and those duties and responsibilities terminate upon the end of their stay.

Academic affairs

  • LANGUAGE CENTER is in observance of the Philippines national holidays; thus, there will be no classes on holidays and NO make-up classes will be provided, but dormitory related duties like meal, cleaning and laundry service will be Uninterrupted and will be provided as usual.
  • Students are supposed to have initial evaluation test and orientation on their starting date and can take regular classes from the following day. The test results will be released from Wednesday in the OFFICE.
  • Individual class schedule is posted on the bulletin boards and assigned books are purchasable at the OFFICE (Jeanette). It is advised not to write anything on the newly purchased books in case when some of the books need to be changed. Book fees together with other miscellaneous fees are required to be settled by Wednesday.
  • LANGUAGE CENTER complies with a Five-day school week. Regular classes are from 08:00 to 16:40, Open group class is from 16:50 to 17:40, Self study is from 19:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Thursday only, and vocabulary test by level (subject to a penalty of being grounded in the upcoming weekend if a student fails the test) is 16:40 every Friday.

  • Attendance to regular classes and mandatory self study is only acknowledged when students are present within 10 minutes after the school bell rings. Tardiness for more than 10 minutes is considered absent.
  • Absences can be excused by informing the OFFICE (Head teacher: Shane) through "EXCUSE LETTER" of unavoidable reasons in advance or obtaining expost facto approval. If not, all unexcused absences are considered as invalid absences and are to subject to penalties such as being grounded for the upcoming weekend and written warnings or expulsion.
  • LANGUAGE CENTER doesn’t provide make-up classes for the classes from which students are absent from their own will for travel or hospitalization and others.
  • When teachers are absent inevitable situations, students are supposed to have the classes with substitute teachers. Please refer to the class substitution posted on the bulletin board.
  • Certification of completion is only issued when a student has attended more than 90% of the total number of classes during the period from the date of start to the date of end.
  • Students are allowed to change their class(es) once a week and the request for change of the classes must be submitted by Thursday Morning (12:00). The changes in the students’ class schedules will be confirmed and posted by Friday and take effect from next Monday.

    1. It is not allowed to take two 1:1 classes with the same teacher.
    2. Change of group classes may be limited due to students’ levels and available group classes correspond to the students’ levels.
    3. PHP4,200 will be charged for changing one group class to one 1:1 class.
    4. One student’s requests for change of the classes in two consecutive weeks will not be accepted.
  • All students are required to take monthly evaluation test once a month except to those who take the initial evaluation test within 2 weeks from the monthly test date and those who will leave on the same week when the test falls. The test results will be released from Wednesday in the OFFICE.
  • For any acts which may interrupt teachers and other students’ classes, students will be given written warnings or expulsion depending on the severity of the problem.
  • LANGUAGE CENTER doesn’t assume any responsibilities for any personal problems arising between students and teachers.

Dormitory affairs

  • Students should accept their own liability for any loss or damage of their personal belongings.
  • Mealtimes are as follow.

    1. Weekday: breakfast (07:00~07:40) / lunch (11:50~12:50) / dinner (18:00~18:40)
    2. Weekend: breakfast (08:00~8:40) / lunch (12:30~13:10) / dinner (18:00~18:40)
    3. Students who plan to eat out for dinner on that day are advised to leave their names on the related form (‘Are you going out dinner?’) during lunch time.
    4. Any utensils must not be brought out of dining area for students’ personal use.

  • Cleaning service is provided 3 times a week (E- Dormitory: M/W/F, G-Dormitory: T/TH/S) free of charge.
  • Laundry service is available 3 times a week (M/W/F) and it is for free as well.

    1. Student should pay Service Provider personally only for the particular laundry items (i.e. bags, belt, shoes, cap/hat and others) which need to be charged at different rates and for the general laundry items in excessive of the certain kilos stated in their laundry vouchers (PHP25/KG).
    2. Students should notify the OFFICE of any discrepancy within 2 days after receiving the laundry items.

  • Any concerns about LANGUAGE CENTER’s facilities can be dealt with at the OFFICE most promptly.

    1. Weekday (8:00 ~ 17:00): visit the OFFICE and express the concerns
    2. Friday after 17:00 and weekend: inform security guards of the concerns

  • All facilities are supposed to be open until 1:00.
  • Weekday’s and weekend’s curfew times are different and curfew time on Philippines holidays is same as weekend’s. Going out and coming in after the curfew time is strictly prohibited.

    1. Weekday (SUN~THU): 22:00 on the day
    2. Weekend (FRI~SAT): 1:30 on the following day

  • Students who plan to travel and stay outside overnight must fill out the travel plan and submit to the OFFICE by Friday morning. If any information stated on the travel plan turns out false, it will considered as the violation of curfew time.
  • Allowing outsiders including teachers to visit and lodge in dormitory is forbidden. Penalties or possible expulsion might be given if not observed.
  • The female dormitory will be off-limit for all male students, likewise the male dormitory to the female students. Any circumstances indicating sexual acts inside the dormitory constitute the ground for immediate expulsion.
  • Drinking within the premises of LANGUAGE CENTER is not allowed, and attempt to bring alcoholic drink is considered same as drinking. If needed, security guards can inspect students’ belongings. Any alcoholic drink found while cleaning the rooms will be confiscated and written warnings will be given to all students who stay in that room.
  • Smoking, cooking and any acts which can induce fire hazards are prohibited.
  • Dumping of the toilet paper, cigarette butt, sanitary pad and other in the toilet bowl should be avoided.
  • It should be avoided to download movies or TV programs using WiFi for common since it causes the slow Internet connection and inconvenience to other students, Internet downloading can only be excused after midnight, only if needed.
  • As well as the said dormitory regulations, the noise, disturbance, damage to properties and facilities of LANGUAGE CENTER (loss of room key: PHP600, loss or damage to the remote control (air conditioner): PHP1,000 other loss or damage: compensation of actual expense), theft, violence and any other acts which hinder public order, are grounds for written warnings or expulsion and also for legal punishment by the law of the Philippines.
  • LANGUAGE CENTER keeps students’ passports to process SSP and Visa extension. Passports should be turned into Joanne in the OFFICE together with id pictures (2*2 inches) right after coming back from Money Exchange schedule. If the passports are needed for personal use, please visit the OFFICE.
  • Passports and deposit money can be returned to students from Thursday afternoon in each student’s last week. (when returning to home country, PHP200 + @ will be needed for airport taxes
  • Check-out and check-in days are same. If check-in day is Saturday, deadline for check-out is Saturday Morning, and if check-in day is Sunday, due date for check-out is Sunday morning. The room keys must be returned to Jeannete in the OFFICE when receiving deposit money.
  • For extended stay at dormitory after check-out date, fees for the extra stay(Triple room : PHP1,500, Twin room : PHP1,750, Single room : PHP2,000/day) will be charged on condition that it has been approved by the MAIN OFFICE at least 1 week before the check-out date.
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