ESL Courses

Comprehensive course

E&G’s classic ESL curriculum, Comprehensive Course guarantees at least 12 hours of studying English a day with  4 hours of 1:1 classes in which intensive learning is achievable, 4 hours of small group classes which intrigue students with various methods, 1 hour of open group class and 3 hours of self study which self directed learning can be embodied, breaking the passive learning habit.

Intensive course

E&G’s another ESL curriculum, Intensive course focuses more in depth on 1:1 classes. 5 hours of 1:1 classes and 3 hours of small group classes are organized in the way that contents in each of English skills can be independent but complementary and more learning competency can be exerted to the weakness. So, this course is more suitable for students of beginner level who haven’t built the basis of their own English yet and students of intermediate level who pursue high effectiveness of English learning in relatively short period of time.

Power Speaking course

Speak English with ease with E&G’s Power Speaking Course!

Power Speaking Course is a speaking specialized program designed for university students who want to enjoy fun and meaningful vacation and for busy office workers who cannot have much time on their side. This course offers 8 hours of 1:1 classes a day for 2 weeks, most of which are modularized SPEAKING classes harmonized with various teaching methods, and helps students learn different aspects of speaking skills simultaneously and achieve tangible improvement in speaking skills in a short period of time. If English is a difficult subject to approach so far, how about overcoming the fear of speaking English here in E&G?     

FAMILY course

It is unquestionable that age matters when it comes to learning English. The question is ‘taught by whom and how?’. With processional group of teachers who can draw conversations from children at their eye level and in the organized learning system which helps them overcome their short span of concentration, English is no longer feared by them.


Family Course is for a parent and a child who want to study English together. 

  • PARENT: 4 hours of 1:1 classes 
  • CHILD: 6 hours of 1:1 classes +  3 hours of monitored self study

The parent does not need to be concerned about her child who is supposed to study in a long distance, and the child can only focus on studying with his parent caring for him. 

Course Summary

ComprehensiveIntensivePower SpeakingFamily (Parent)Family (Child)
1:1 classes4 hours5 hours8 hours4 hours6 hours
Small group classes4 hours3 hours---
Open group classes1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
Self study3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours
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