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Philippines Jeepney




The Jeepney which i will introduce today is one of public transports of Philippines. 

  What comes to mind when you think of the Philippines?  For me, of course Jeepney!

It has been loved by people For a long time and is one of the most famous symbols in the Philippines.

The Jeepney was originated from US military chicle in the second world war. And after the war,

people in here started to use the Jeepney before remodeled and decorated them.


Recently, there are so many Jeepney production factories in The country which means, 

the people of the Philippines of love about the Jeepney is deep and like it. 

But, i think that there is a reason why they love it. It is because that fee of the Jeepney is so cheap.!

Normally, The fee is 8 pesos. And if you go a bit far, the fee is 10 pesos.

In addition, though The Jeepney is similar to bus , people can get off whenever they want like taxi.

Moreover, you can experience the life of Filipinos indirectly while you take the Jeepney! 


Isn't it interesting? let's see pictures of the Jeepney.





   Year after year, a lot of people in Korea come to study in Davao however, they tend to prefer taking a    taxi much more than Jeepney. The reason for most students were that they had to walk on a road in hot weather for taking the Jeepney. However, I strongly recommend that to experience one of Philippines's symbols like Jeepney!


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