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Letter from Ms. Fukushima Chihiro (Shellie)

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Hello !

This time, I am going to introduce a letter from our student !



Fukushima, Chihiro (Shellie)
TOEIC Course
12 weeks (March 19 2017 ~ June 11 2017) 

In fact, Shellie has graduated E&G recently, 

She was studying very hard in E&G and everybody knew that!


So, this is the letter from her to E&G! Let's see!


- To everyone in E&G -

Time flew so fast. Today is my final day in Davao.

I spent full filing time this three months. I studied for 11 hours a day as TOEIC student.

It is my first time to study hard like that so far. Although my stress was stocking everyday,

I was able to refresh to see the ocean in front of school and to talk with friends or teachers.

Honestly, I am not sure whether to use English for in the future or not.

Because I don't have obvious goal.

However, I learned here not only English but also how to deal with my stress,

how to make relationship with foreign friends and so on.

It was really valuable things for me.

I really appreciate for all people who supported my staying here in E&G,

like teacher, manager and staff. Thank you so much.

I hope I can come back again someday.


Dear Shellie~! we all hope you are well and good luch!

And this is bonus ↓


Shellie!! you won the first on last monthly test!

You won the first again on this month! WOW

How amazing you are!



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