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12 weeks (Nov. 14, 2016 ~ Feb. 03, 2017)

Hi, My Vietnamese name is Tien and my English name is Tom. After I graduated from my university, I’ve decided immediately to enroll in our English school in Davao city, E&G. There was a list of English schools in the Philippines and I chose E&G because my friend who works as a consultant for studying oversea recommended E&G. I think, she was completely right.

I have studied English in Vietnam for 2 years, and I never expected that I would ever study English in the Philippines, but thanks to E&G, I could have a wonderful chance to improve my English skills. At first I thought my English was not good enough at all, but my teachers were so consistent with encouraging me into studying English and now I think I'm quite confident and fluent in speaking English. In fact, my English has improved a lot more in my stay here at E&G for 3 months than in Vietnamese for the whole 2 years.

I really want to thank all my teachers for teaching me very hard every day and also listening intently to me all the time. I didn't only learn a lot but from them, but I could also share our life stories and exchanged different views of many things that could help us know more about each other. I think these competent and kind teachers should be credited with E&G's high quality English education service. Specially thanks teacher named Reggie, who taught me writing skills with countless practices. I could learn English writing from the bottom up.

Equally, other staff members of E&G also well attend to students' needs. Clean and well maintained dormitory , tasty meals (Vietnamese dishes are served here once in a while.), and others, I really want to thank everyone in E&G, and the previous Vietnamese manager, Helen was of course best of all the staff here.

I’ve already stayed here for 11 weeks and I have to say good bye to E&G next week. I’ll come back to Vietnam, but I'll never forget about the wonderful memories of this school and this city, Davao. Many spectacular and peaceful beaches in Samal Island, Eden Park, Roxas Night Market and all other places I've been to with my good friends and teachers, I'll definitely miss all the happy moments. See you!



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