Story from LIN, YURU (RURU)



Comprehensive course
8 weeks (Nov, 28, 2016 ~ Jan. 20, 2017)

I am RURU and I’m from Taiwan! First I want to say 'thank you' to all my teachers who have been really patient with my mispronunciation, strong accent, and incorrect grammar and spelling for two months. They always corrected me every time I was wrong. Because of them, I could practice and improve my English skills every day . I think I still need to learn a lot more , but time flies so fast and it’s time to say goodbye to E&G.


Next, all my friends have my thanks too! I'll never forget about all the happy moments with them. I could make many friends from different countries, my roommates, Japanese and Vietnamese ladies, and other multinational friends. Especially with one Korean family I went around all Davao city and Samal Island and we enjoyed every single moments together.
There are some other Chinese and Taiwanese students here in E&G, but I wanted to make myself trying to speak English all the time, and I think it did motivate me to focus more on English study. So I'd like to advise other Taiwanese students not to be afraid of making mistakes and to try to speak English every time.


Of course, I had hard time at first. My English skills too poor to communicate even with teachers who can easily understand any broken English and I felt I was a university student again. I had to wake up at 7 am and spend 8 hours on studying English every day. It was very tiring and I was exhausted already in the very first week, and Laura, the Taiwanese Manger helped me adjust here quite a lot. She has been a good friend of mine so far and was always there whenever I needed her. I really like to thank her.


I wish I could come back to E&G someday and meet all my teachers and friends again. Even if I couldn't, I will always cherish our memories in E&G and Davao!








我希望未來某天我可以再次回到E&G,再次的相遇所有老師和朋友,即便無法達成,我也依然永遠珍惜我們在E&G 和 Davao的回憶!


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