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I have just finished the TOEIC course for two and a half months at E & G, and I think that my English skills have improved a lot. The school assesses a student's English proficiency and assigns classes based on the test results. My classes were of quite high quality and all met my needs. I felt that all my teachers were very nice and they have always tried hard to apply the most effective teaching methods in classes.


Not only in the TOEIC score, but I have also improved in the conversational English. The school provides Mock TOEIC test almost every Saturday. I have never missed any test and my Mock TOEIC scores have doubled after starting to study here. Many of my friends and family members were concerned about the Philippine teacher’s pronunciation before I came here. But I did not have to worry about it at all. Teachers here have acquired the Standard English pronunciation, and they are fluent in English and very professional. Most of them are all English majors.


I used to hang out with my teachers on weekends. So I could learn speaking skills more spontaneously. In class, teachers are willing to advise us of the best approach to learning of English. Especially in grammar class, my weakest subject, my teacher always explained difficult grammar topics simply and clearly, and helped me understand them well with various methods. It was the only struggle to join the self-study after regular classes. I find this self-study time really important. If you want to come here and study, you must do this self-study. You can learn better and more effectively if you prepare and review your lessons thoroughly.


I am very satisfied with the school facilities, too. I took some time to do the search on the internet before coming here. Some Japanese students said the school facilities were not that new. But they are clean enough and I was comfortable in my accommodation. It doesn’t mean what the Japanese students said was wrong. School facilities are not new, but they are clean and well maintained! In addition, the school is situated right next to the sea. Whenever I felt tired, I used to look out over the sea. It is so conveniently located that we can travel to the islands across the sea on weekends. In the vicinity of the school, there are banks, supermarkets, McDonalds, and many other restaurants. Within 10 minutes, we can walk to all the places.


I don’t think Davao is as bustling as other cities in the Philippines. Some students are a bit disappointed at this city after coming here. But I think that Davao is a place where I can meet my everyday needs. I was very worried that I would not be able to buy cosmetics and lenses here, but you can find almost everything you need in the local shopping mall. In addition, it takes less than 10 minutes by taxi to get the mall. The best thing about Davao is safety. I was always cautious enough not to lose my cellphone and purse whenever I went out in my country. But here in Davao, even when I go out after 11 pm on the weekend, I don’t not have to worry about my personal belongings and bother to put my cell phone in a backpack without a zipper. Davao people are kind and friendly. Their English pronunciations are not better than the teachers, of course. I could not understand what they said sometimes when I ordered at a restaurant.


The school staff and student managers try their best to help to solve all the problems students encounter. When I needed to adjust class time or whenever I asked for any assistance, they readily help. There are staff members who clean dormitory rooms and do the laundry for students, so we only need to strive to concentrate on our English studies and improve our English skills in E & G. To sum up, I’m sure that all students will have a rewarding experience in in a good English learning environment here.




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