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I have many friends from different countries in E & G language school. We learn English together, and when we eat out sometimes, we enjoy fun and meaningful times together. After 10 minute walk from the school, I can find a large shopping mall and fast food restaurants. When going out far enough, I can see many signs and products, which are all in English. It feels real that I’m exposed to the English-speaking environment. In the school, we sometimes have barbecue parties and island hopping tours. Managers and all other staff members at the school are kind. Maintenance, Housekeeping, and laundry room staff, all of them here are good people. Of course, the food is also satisfactory. One Japanese student who had experienced two language schools in different cities of the Philippines is also satisfied with E & G meals. We only need to focus on our studies ^ ^


Davao is really safe. The incumbent president was the former Mayor of Davao city before his inauguration. I’m sure even a female student will have no problem when going out and getting around alone. In addition, the typhoon has never arrived in Davao and prices are lower here than in other cities. Wifi is available within the premises of the school, in the dormitory rooms as well as some of classroom area. The school has the quiet environment. You can have the lovely view of sea after you walk only 5 minutes. The school is spacious enough, and a number of trees and green fields bring comfort to students. I think this is the ideal environment for families and children to study. Children can play around and teachers will take good care of them.


Teachers have the pleasing personality, and they are also professional and patient. It took me about 3 days to adapt here and I started speaking English in a week or two. Sometimes I was frustrated, but as time went on, I was well accustomed to this English-speaking environment. During the class, I was not hesitant to ask questions and the teachers also asked questions to check for my understanding. I spent night time on self-study, doing homeworking and preparing tomorrow’s lessons almost every day, at least 5 to 6 days a week. I also took the weekly vocabulary test. After a month, I found myself naturally greeting my friends and I was no longer nervous of greeting teachers. 2 months later, I felt my English skills were quite improved. I enhanced my listening skills and I could converse in English more spontaneously, and as I felt more comfortable here, I could speak what I had in mind more easily.


E & G is a certified TOEIC test center that offers free TOEIC tests more than times per month. TOEIC course consists of 8 hours of class per day, 4 one-to-one classes, and 4 group classes. This school is not Sparta style. I prefer studying in my room, so I don’t normally go to the self-study room. I try to go to bed no later than 11 O’clock at night. When I sleep late, all the classes on following day are very tiring. I feel drowsy and difficult to concentrate on the lessons. I do not go out from Monday to Thursday (I just go shopping at the supermarket near the school) and only go out 1 day in a weekend. But I always spend at least 1 day during the weekend.


When I took ESL course in the first month, classes were not that challenging so I could spend much time on increasing my vocabulary and preparing and reviewing lessons every day. From the second month, I was supposed to take TOEIC course and I got busy with a bit of heavy workload. So I continued to have some of ESL classes. One-third of all my classes were sill ESL. It was because I could not catch up on all of TOEIC classes and it would be quite challenging and boring to have only TOEIC classes. In fact, I think ESL classes are very fun and practical. Some ESL reading classes are more difficult than TOEIC reading classes. They really helped me learn many more words and improve my reading comprehension skill. (When we talk to the head teacher in the office, she always builds up students with kindness.)


When I was in Taiwan, my TOEIC score was between 500 and 600, and my target score was only 700. I did not want to stress out and I found it difficult and boring if I would study English only for the test score. The reason I study English is for my own good. It is one of my hobbies to study English and I love traveling abroad. I will remember everything I have learned here and in Taiwan, I will make it a habit to study English by myself. I will do the same as I have done here anyway. We have the MOCK TOEIC test every Saturday. Those who have good TOEIC scores in Taiwan are afraid of speaking English, but I converse in English now. I was satisfied with what I have learned here, even without 700 score because it is true enough that I did improve my English skills quite a lot. (Actually, my teachers take more care of my scores than I do) In the last month, I applied for the official TOEIC test. The registration fee was cheaper than in the Taiwan and I could receive the test result only in a week after the actual test day. I got 825 on the TOEIC test! Many teachers were genuinely glad, and one of them was even moved to tears. During my 3 months of studying here, I built up the basics of my English and my TOEIC score now is well over the original target score. I made friends with a lot of good teachers and I find my study here really valuable. I took some time off and relax. It was worth having delicious food, too.


I want to thank my agency for having helped me with preparations before coming here and the extended study. In my third month, I took a TOEIC exam, but I thought I still needed to learn a lot more so I decided to extend by 1 more month to study IELTS course. In the fourth month, I could take 3 types of classes, ESL, TOEIC, and IETS. IETS classes were really difficult. But I like to challenge because I think I can learn more when I’m pressed.



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