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Ochiai, Mai

3. July. 2017 - 25. Aug 2017 (8 weeks) Intensive Course


Hello, my name is Mai. Thank you for coming to my speech. Do you remember when we met for the first time? 
Maybe I was very quite, because i'm very shy girl.
But my teacher are very kind and cheerful. Eight class are not few, but i didn't think it's difficult, because teachers taught me hard and i like to talk with friendly teachers, so in my class, i became talkative when i was happy and felt bad, teachers gave me some positive words, so i really like E&G teachers.
And then, after my friends went back to their own countries, Korea guys and some teachers took me to many places.
We didn't do special things, but we went to KTV, ate chicken and drank alcohol. Simple things like these are extremely memorable for me.
Anyway, my life in Davao is one of the precious time, i never forget this experience.
Thank you so much and see you again!


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